What is Geo Textile? | About Geotextile sheet and bags

What is Geo Textile About Geotextile sheet and bags

What is Geo Textile? | About Geotextile sheet and bags

About Geotextile sheet and bags – Civil Engineering New Revolution Geotextile This geo-textile is being used extensively in various big civil engineering projects. This geotextile is used in roads, dams, river erosion, mass foundations, landslides, drainage, river canals, and coastal works. So today I know the details about geotextile.

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Geo Textile:

Geotextile products are mainly made of polyester, polypropylene, polyamide. Geo Tech is most commonly used in civil / construction work. It changes the properties of the soil and makes it suitable for the construction of buildings in weak and inefficient places. This geo textile is widely used in modern civil / construction engineering.


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About Geotextile sheet and bags


What is geotextile ?

Geotextile ‘is a type of technical textile (much like a sack of rice), which is used on the surface of the soil or in the interior to get the benefit of civil engineering.
Geotextile is a type of polymer fabric that is used in a variety of installations such as roads, drains, housing and dams. It is also used in many other works of architectural engineer.

Advantages of Geo Textile:

What is Geo Textile?

The various advantages of geotextile products are described below: –
1. Fabrics made by geotextiles are lighter than oven fabrics. As a result, it is easier to handle and has special advantages in transportation.
2. Geotextile adds an important dimension to fabrics made with weft inserts. Geotextile increases the cracking strength of this type of fabric.
3. The use of geotextile fabric between these two layers of pitch and a piece of brick to build the road protects the road from corrosion in rainwater.
4. Geotextiles are widely used as separators of the two layers of soil.
5. The benefits of geotextile as a moisture barrier are incomparable.
. Geo-textiles play a role in drainage and are used in playgrounds.

It tends to be of two types.

  1. PP: polypropylene staple fiber.
  2. PSF: polyester staple fiber Sheet. Roll. Bag.Tube.
PP = 10 to 50 years can be used.
PSF = 5 to 10 years can be used.
Geo Textiles sets prices based on GSM. Below is a list of GSM

1) 150gsm

2) 180gsm

3) 200gsm

4) 250gsm

5) 300gsm

6) 350gsm

7) 400gsm

8) 450gsm

9) 500gsm

10) 550gsm

11) 600gsm

Geo textile bags can be used for planting trees

Geotextiles are sold as sheet rool
Each rule has a length of 100 meters and a width of 3,4,5 meters
Geotextile bags are sold as backpacks.
The bags come in different sizes
The bags are measured in meters, feet, and kg

Where can I get the Geotextile Sheets and Bags?

Geotextile sheets and bags can be purchased from Amazon.
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Geotextile sheet and bags


What is Geo Textile? | About Geotextile sheet and bags


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